Baby’s new clothes

I used to see a young mother with her daughter on the bus. The girl was wearing a braid, wearing a pettiskirt, big eyes, long eyelashes, long eyelashes, cute like a princess. . So I thought, I will have a daughter in the future, and I must help her dress up and cherish it.

I hope that the baby in the future will be bright and bright, warm like sunshine, grow up carefree, and run happily on the grass. The yellow wide-sleeve T-shirt has a flying skirt and a sun-like taste. The cute rabbit runs in it, which is the initial expectation.

A cowboy can make her extra spirit, like a little adult, sensible and polite. Gentle lace with a pleated chiffon skirt, I don’t know if she would like it, would it be as quiet and elegant as a princess.

I think I must take the time to accompany her and make her childhood full and happy. Go to the green, choose the place she wants to go to, choose one of her favorite ways, and go out to enjoy life. Let her see the spring of the red, green and splendid, so that her world is full of flowers.

No matter how you grow up, as long as she is happy. It seems that all the parents’ love for their children in the world is full of sustenance. Baby is the sunshine of parents, there is them, life is brilliant. This song is played by the wave point, telling the endless love, sprinkling the world of the baby.

The dress is my mother’s favorite clothes, of course, I will remember to prepare for the baby. More than buying anything, the choice is nothing more than the beauty of the baby. The white doll collar is not abrupt in the large red, but it seems that the skirt is extraordinarily flying.

Chiffon and bows are indispensable in the princess’s skirt. These sweetest elements can make the baby’s temperament different. Pure white is the elegance of the princess, like Snow White, the most beautiful child in the mother’s heart, no one can compare.

Even if it is a sportswear, you should dress your baby like a princess. The azure velvet is covered with bright diamonds, which is the brilliance of the stars in the sky. There is a white butterfly embedded in the white ruffles, which is hidden behind the back and plays a happy game with the baby.