Autumn children’s clothing matching guide, your baby can also wear fashion

Feeling as a mother, dressing up for the daughter’s little baby every day is also a painstaking thing. Today, I will show you the girls’ dressing demonstrations for your mom, so that your baby will still be a envious child in the fall.

Denim shirt + cropped trousers

Girl costume

Whenever children wear such a decent Korean fan wear, I feel very star-like. The denim shirt is like a princess skirt. It looks very sleek and looks very cute. The cropped trousers are matched to enhance the aesthetics of the whole styling, and the perfect wearing effect makes the child look more lively!

Shirt + suspender skirt

Girl costume

This set of autumn children’s dresses, a selection of a cute windy ruffled collar white top, looks particularly aura and very clean, with a denim skirt, a trend of fashion, so wear Clean and cute wear is sure to be a favorite, not just adults can walk in the forefront of fashion, children can also ~

Denim shirt + pants

Girl costume

There is a cute little girl at home, just dress up for her. The handsome denim shirt is very suitable for this cool summer. The cool design looks like a childhood playful feeling, with small pants, um, it is the kind of childhood. A cheerful image, casual and natural wear, the trend of vitality is not lost to adults~

Sweatshirt + lace skirt

Girl costume

Girls are born to love to wear a skirt, a striped element of the sweater with a lace skirt, fashion and cuteness coexist, the trend of cute wind, not looking very naive, but also maintain a sense of innocence, easy to create cute and fun Wearing a look, I believe that many little darlings like to wear, everyday and practical, full of fashion babe!

Cotton and linen tops + wide leg pants

Girl costume

With the simplest color matching, the interpretation of a female-style girl image is really too eye-opening. The pink top is very cute, with a seven-length wide-leg pants. Conceal a small and cute image, feel free to sprinkle, you can’t resist the cuteness of it, cool autumn, it should be worn for the baby!

Floral sweater + vest + cropped trousers

Girl costume

Every little girl has its princess dream, so it’s a good idea to dress up the baby as such a dreamy little princess. She is sure to have a flower, a small fresh floral shirt as a base, with stylish black pants, outside Take a small vest, don’t look at this small vest, it is the design of the two sides of the fork, increase the trend of the whole shape, very beautiful and lovely image!

Floral skirt + vest

Girl costume

Floral dress for a little girl is really a beautiful will, black floral skirt with khaki vest, it is extraordinarily retro, with a pair of eye-catching piles of socks in the fall, super has something to watch Oh, this style match not only brings fashion charm to children, but also adds a touch of sweet feeling, so beautiful!

Shirt + cropped trousers

Girl costume

The basic color of the top, it looks not simple, the ribbon on the shoulders stitching, it looks very college-style, showing the unique style of the little girl, with this seven-point cotton and linen pants, cute and have A neutral style, especially looks arrogant, and stepped on a pair of comfortable white shoes, so go out stylishly.

Shirt + vest suit

Girl costume

This autumn children’s wear looks very casual and fashionable. The white shirt is used as a base, and it is matched with the vest suit. The gesture is full of temperament, simply wearing a small and natural beauty, with natural and lovely The style gives you a more pleasant visual sense. Do you like it? Waiting for the little baby, you have to choose!

Lace dress + vest

Girl costume

In the fall, it is time to let the lace dress come on, with this small vest of the same color, which is full of ladylike images, looks very cute, very cute and very quiet, the whole shape does not have a little drag, but reflects the little girl The lively and dynamic body, do not know how to wear your own baby, this equipment should be able to bring you inspiration?

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